Katya's Fun Facts
1920s History from the mind and mouth of Katya.
Please note: many of these contain spoilers

Weapons I

Weapons II, or Watch the Players Panic

1920 Fashion, or What the Hell?

Athesism, Communism and Religion

Psychotherapty in Russia, Europe and America

Homosexuality in Russia and England

Vegetarianism in the 1920's

The Communist Party in the West

Female Military Pilots - Russia versus America

Women's Education in Russia and England

Russian Art Scene

Woodrow Wilson's Secret War

Russian History-A Gentle Introduction

British and Russian Espionage

Anti-Semitism, Fascism, and Communism in 1925

Mating Rituals of the 1920s

Europe, Russia and the Middle East

Ancient Egypt

Shanghai, or What a Lovely Mess

Secret Chinese Secret Societies!

The Opium Trade in the 1920's

Medical Technology in the 1920s

Art Theft

Random Fun Facts

Geology of the South China Sea

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