Essex Expedition Team Member Dossiers

Elizabeth Essex, M.D.
An Oxford trained medical doctor, Elizabeth is the current patron of the team based on the resources available through her father, the Duke of Essex.

Dr. Adrian Cainsley
A fellow at the British Museum, Adrian is a top quality archeologist and scholar, and a founding member of the expedition.

Katya Petrovna
A Russian national who joined the expedition several years ago in Cairo, Katya has provides skilled labor for the team, as well as certain abilities she gained from her involvement in the October revolution.

Mr. Donald Cartwright III
American entrepenuer, philanthropist, and scion of the Providence Cartwrights. Became embrolied in the Masks affair during the journey from New York to London.

Dr. George Smythe
American archeologist and hunter of antiquities, with a bit of a stained reputation in some academic circles. Also joined the expedition aborad Mauritania.

Fr. Vincent Kelly
American, member of the Society of Jesus Christ (Jesuits) and scholar of the Occult. Friend of Jonah Kensington, and aquaintance of Donald Cartwright before joining the expedition in London.

Former Expedition Members

Jim Ransom (RIP)
American, adventurer and archeologist. Jim was killed in a gun fight on route to England.

Beatrice Masters (RIP)
Initial parton of the team, she was kidnapped and brutally murdered by the organization the team now seeks to destroy.

Jonathan Mackenzie
An anthropology grad student working with Jim, the team convinced him to return to his studies as the danger mounted.

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